Honkai Star Rail New Characters builds update

June 19, 2022

Since the CBT2 started. We have found total 23 Characters information from current version.


There are still seven elements in Honkai Star rail. They are Physical, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Quantum, and Imaginary. There is no change from the last closed beta test.


Honkai Star Rail tags its playable characters in terms of path. Those classes give you an overview of what the character is all about. At the moment, in the Honkai Star Rail closed beta, we found seven paths, these are:

The Abundance – Characters under The Abundance path act as the healer and help the team stay healthy.
The Preservation – Characters under The Preservation path act as the Tank/Shielder.
The Hunt – Characters under The Hunt path act as the Assassin. They are good at  providing single target Damage.
The Harmony – Characters under The Harmony path act as the Buffer. They have the team by applying different buff to the team member.
The Nihility – Characters under The Nihility path act as the De-Buffer.
The Erudition – Characters under The Erudition path act as AoE Attacker.
The Destruction – Characters under The Destruction path act as the Single target Attacker. They damage is more explosive than Nous.


Click below for more chacracters’ information

Honkai Star Rail Chacracters Build


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