Honkai Star Rail Belobog introduction

October 12, 2021


Traversing across the snow plains, you can get a full view of Belobog, the only spot on Jarilo VI that barely fits the definition of “a warm place.” As the only remaining city with human civilization, Belobog has been given many noble titles: the last bastion of mankind against the Eternal Freeze, the land blessed by Plamya…

Nearly a millennium ago, the blistering Eternal Freeze sealed human civilization in time. As sweeping winds and blizzards buried the world in a pale silver, only Belobog survived, thanks to the blessings from a protector. Although suffering in wind and snow, humans carry on.

The Overworld

The part of Belobog that lies above ground is known as the Overworld and is the main ruling area of the Union. The temperature in the city is constant as that of spring. As the faithful people of Plamya, residents in the Overworld live a peaceful and happy life under blessings and protection.

The Underworld

The part of Belobog that lies underground is known as the Underworld. Legend has it that when the Eternal Freeze entombed the world, the fissures of the Fragmentum grew and eroded reality in the underground.

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