Honkai Star Rail Gameplay

3 12 月, 2021

As Mihoyo announced Honkai Star Rail is going to have Close Beta soon. Starting from 8 October 2021, all player can now sign up for Honkai Star Rail Close Beta


We will focus on Honkai Star Rail gameplay leaks in this article. For the other leaks, please refer to Honkai Star Rail leaks.


We got quite a few in-fight screenshots, which allow us to find some clues about the game system and mechanism.


At least 7 elements will be included. It will be quite similar to the current Genshin Impact element system.  Chests also exist in the game, you can imagine it is also similar to Genshin Impact. The only difference is that Honkai Star Rail is a turn-based open-world game.


Check out the gameplay!


Update on 27/10/2021!

Newest Gameplay videos are added. Characters skills demonstration and battle scene.

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