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Honkai Star Rail Guide

Himeto Build Guide

Himeto Story

Himeto is an adventurous scientist who encountered the Astral Express as a child when it got stranded in her home world.


At that time, some existence in the Express revealed to this young girl a whole world outside of her own — the universe.


Years later, Himeko finally repaired the train and began her journey to the stars, but she realized that this was only the beginning. On the Trailblaze path, she would need many more companions…

Even though such companions may have different destinations in mind, they all gaze at the same starry sky.

Himeto Skills

Scythe Rush

Himeto Normal Attack

Single ATK

Doal 50% of Himeko’s ATK as Fire DMG to a target enemy.



Molten Detonation

Himeto Skill


Deal 100% of Himeko’s ATK as Fire DMG to a target enemy and 40% of Himeko’s ATK as Fire DMG to enemies adjacent to the target.

Heavenly Flames

Himeto Ultimate

AoE Attack

Deal 120% of Himeko’s ATK as Fire DMG to all enemies. Himeko restores an extra 10 Energy for each enemy defeated.


Himeto Talents

Victory Rush

Himeto Talent


When all enemies are inflicted with Break, immediately unleash a follow-up attack that deals 50% of Himeko’s ATK as Fire DMG to all enemies. This effect can be triggered again after Himeko has taken action 2 time(s) since this follow-up attack and when all enemies are inflicted with Break.

Himeto Technique

Incomplete Combustion 

Himeto Technique


After using a Technique, a satellite beam creates a Burning Zone that lasts 15 second(s). Upon entering battle in a Burning Zone, there is a 100% base chance to increase all Fire DMG taken by target enemy by 10% for 2 turn(s).

Himeto Game Play

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